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64% of NY nurses lack tools, 72% exposed to coronavirus: survey


Nearly two-thirds of New York’s nurses â€? 64 percent â€? said they include inadequate protective personal equipment plus 72 percent said they’ve been recently exposed to COVID-19, according to a survey conducted by this New York State Nursesâ€? Association.

The text survey furthermore found that since April one, 208 registered nurses reported acquiring symptoms of the coronavirus although have yet to be analyzed.

More than 3, 300 nurses responded to the written text concern.

“This data tells the real story of our nurses and what they encounter in reporting to work each day,” said Nurses Association executive director Pat Kane.

“Behind the PR and promises is an appalling story of continued exposure and going untested, and of the absence of essential equipment. Their courage against these odds is a testament to their ongoing commitment to their patients,” added Kane.

Complaints about the lack of PPE � masks and gowns for example � has exploded into some sort of major scandal.

A Post expose revealed a shortage and so dire that nurses battling this coronavirus pandemic at Mount’s Sinai Midtown West hospital resorted to wearing trash bags over their particular uniforms for protection. They include since gotten more gowns to wear.

Nurses have furthermore held protests about the lack of safety gear at Mount Sinai’s flagship hospital on this Upper East Side, Harlem medical and Jacobi hospital in The Bronx.

Mayor Bill sobre Blasio has sounded the burglar alarm about the shortage and this city Health Department last full week put out a warn to wellness care providers urging them to conserve or reuse PPE as the COVID-19 pandemic rages in this Big Apple.

Earlier Monday, the mayor was at this Brooklyn Navy Yard applauding some sort of fashion company generates $300 outfits for Saks Fifth Avenue to get partnering with a US army body armor manufacturer to crank out hundreds of thousands of desperately needed surgical gowns to get front-line workers battling COVID-19.

Last month, a union survey found that 65 nurses documented testing positive for COVID-19.


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