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91 Minutes With Philippe Reines — New York Magazine


Photo: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post/Getty Images

If you come out in the particular next 3 minutes, â€? the particular e-mail reads, “just look for the SUV trapped in 1983 and rocking to ‘Gloria.’ ” Philippe Reines is BlackBerrying from an Uber car idling outside Union Station in Washington, D. C. Sure enough, there’s the black Suburban, shining in the afternoon sunrays amid many impatient taxis. Reines, Hillary Clinton’s most visible representative as well as guardian of her open public persona, is sprawled in the particular back passenger seat with the particular window a few inches straight down. “We’re going to drive in circles,” he says.

In person, Reines is not one of the things his reputation for tenaciousness would suggest. He has, currently a minimum of, forgone the Brooks Brothers uniform of the D. D. Power Male in favor connected with a navy long-sleeved polo plus chinos. His thatch of darker hair is not particularly created. The BlackBerry sits in the particular armrest cup holder but, around another defiance of convention, Reines doesn’t check it at just about all. As the Suburban begins to be able to roll down Constitution Avenue, he / she is relaxed and undefensive. If the air of casualness is definitely itself a sort of the image manage for which he is very well known, then it is doing the job.

Reines (pronounced RYE-niss), originally a product of the particular Upper West Side, has proved helpful as Hillary’s chief personal defensive player since joining her Senate place of work in 2002, moving ready to be able to the State Department in 2009 and frequently making news him or her self for his colorful and at times outlandish tactics. The latest illustration: In January, at an celebration with auto dealers, Clinton confessed that she hadn’t driven the car since 1996, which encouraged a BuzzFeed reporter to email-based Reines seven questions about some other modern things that Clinton most likely are not up on. Had she at any time bought anything on the Internet? Eaten at Chipotle? Swiped the MetroCard? Reines responded which has a sneering e-mail which will repeatedly seen by “BuLLfeed” and associated to various images of their patron appearing to undertake some (but not all) in the activities pointed out. BuzzFeed posted the entire exchange, which in turn made its solution to the scolds on cable TV. This variety of outing happens to Reines at all times, suggesting, perhaps, that he / she ought to know better.



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