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Aussie man arrested for ignoring quarantine to visit girlfriend

An Australian man has also been arrested after repeatedly sneaking out and about of a Perth hotel bedroom to visit his girlfriend when under mandated quarantine, a review said.

Jonathan David, 35, pleaded guilty to two numbers of failing to stick to a good direction in a Perth courtroom on Wednesday after a appraise called him “breathtakingly arrogant,” according to Perth Now.

David seemed to be told to quarantine at a good Travelodge Hotel for 14 days and nights. Instead, he snuck out associated with the building and hopped with a train on April 5 and 5, Perth’s WAToday claimed.

He allegedly left house on multiple occasions to visit his girlfriend and buy food items.

Cops said that David even wedged open a fireplace exit door using a napkin thus he could leave and come back without staff seeing him.

A prosecutor described the take action as “gross stupidity” and a justice of the peace said David had been “more than foolish” and was “selfish in the extreme.”

“You chose to roll the dice with other people’s lives and that was breathtakingly arrogant,” this magistrate said.

David seemed to be sentenced to one month inside jail and fined about $1, 300.


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