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Chinese government mocks US response to coronavirus in video

The Chinese government is mocking US efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in a new video that stars typically the Statue of Liberty made involving Legos.

A video entitled “Once Upon a Virus” was posted this 7 days to the local Twitter accounts involving both the Chinese embassy in France and the state-run China Daily newspaper.

The cartoon short depicts what the Chinese describe as the US� horrible response to fighting the coronavirus.

The video shows some sort of Chinese warrior from 2, 000 yrs ago, also made of Legos, and the Statue of Liberty arguing about the deadly contamination � with a Scott Joplin-esque piano rag playing in the backdrop.

The animation lays out there a version of events powerfully favorable to the Chinese and even critical of the Americans.

“We discovered a new virus,” the warrior proclaims.

“So what?” the statue replies.

“It’s dangerous,” the warrior responds.

“It’s only a flu,” the statue shouts back again.

“Wear a mask,” says the warrior

“Don’t wear a mask,” says the statue.

The video is designed to show what the Chinese say will be the failure of the US response to the virus.

Lady Liberty’s last line: “We are always correct, even though we contradict ourselves.”

The warrior hurls one additional insult before a red window curtain falls: “That’s what I love best about you Americans, your consistency.”


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