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Coney Island’s July 4: New York City at Its Best


Here are a couple of the sights from July some at Coney Island—where New York City comes out to always be it’s New York City very best. Harmon Leon/Observer

It doesn’t get anymore New York City than July some at Coney Island. Independence Day by our seaside trumpets the particular great melting pot, which can be our city that we’ve produced to love. You get a few boroughs converging onto the boardwalk. Yes, we have a excellent beach culture in NYC, plus the best thing is: all of us can all take a subway there to savor it. In truth, when the train lines had been first built in the 1800s, Coney Island was termed, “Heaven at the end of a subway ride.”

So, while Trump was possessing his divisive “Salute to America” military celebration in the rain, we acquired to look at Joey Chestnut shove hotdogs down his gullet to recover his crown in the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Championship (71 popular dogs and buns in 10 minutes), frolic in the waters and have some beers at the Freak Show Bar. So instead of a “Salute to America,” which in turn put a spotlight on your current country’s divide, we choose to be able to salute Coney Island, which place a spotlight on this love to get fried clams a lot more multicultural New Yorkers can coexist on the particular birthday of our country.

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Up until World War II, Coney Island was the particular largest amusement area in the particular United States. The Cyclone seemed to be opened in 1927 and that’s still around, and scary, due to the fact if feels like it may possibly wither and die at any moment. The tales of Coney Island usually are of mythical proportions. For a person thing, it’s the place that the warriors broken up at the end with the movie The Warriors, after a good hard night of battling this kind of NYC gangs as The Furies. Also, synonymous was originally Conyne Eylandt, which came from the particular colonial Dutch, meaning “Rabbit Island.”

In case, you missed it, letâ€? stroll past the Cyclone, the particular Wonder Wheel, Luna Park plus the Coney Island Freak Show for a true NYC encounter. My Coney Island day seemed to be spent in 80-plus-degree heat, virtually rubbing elbows with my many other New Yorkers, on the banks of Brooklyn; right in the particular middle of the dog nights of summer. Yes, here usually are some of the sites via July 4 at Coney Island—where New York City comes outside for being it’s New York City best.

July 4 was outrageous hot at the beach—literally. My bare feet burnt in the particular sand taking this photo. Harmon Leon/Observer

Roughly 150, 000 people hit the seashore at Coney Island on July some. Not all of them usually are within this photo. Harmon Leon/Observer

You can win crammed animals around the boardwalk. Though We think this man has made a game of his very own making, and its making the particular workers nervous. Harmon Leon/Observer

This is considered the most patriotic doggie I’ve ever seen. Harmon Leon/Observer

I possess always really like the fact that our seashore culture in New York could be reached via subway. Harmon Leon/Observer

These coverage hats were very popular to be able to the roughly four people We saw wearing them on July 4. Harmon Leon/Observer

The thrill of flying excessive on the Fourth of July. Harmon Leon/Observer

We New Yorkers gather en lot on Coney Island boardwalk.    Harmon Leon/Observer

I in this article take this kind of photo without accidentally dropping our camera into the ocean. Harmon Leon/Observer

The being lonely of the lone bumper auto patron.   Harmon Leon/Observer

Spoiler Alert: The hoops are smaller in comparison with the balls. Harmon Leon/Observer

Yes, these women include been to Coney Island each July 4—since the Cyclone popped. Harmon Leon/Observer

See you next year! Harmon Leon/Observer

July 4 at Coney Island: A Look at New York City at Its Best


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