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Coronavirus contact tracing app could be forced on all UK visitors

Britons are staying told it is their sittlichkeit duty to download a brand new coronavirus track-and-trace app � which will may be forced on everybody entering the nation while coronavirus fears persist, according to information.

The National Health Service app, which starts trials that week, tracks users� movements � and alerts them if that they have come into contact along with someone later diagnosed with getting coronavirus.

But it can only prove effective if from least half the country will take it up � with authorities officials telling citizens it is definitely their moral duty to make use of it and help save often the nation, The Sun says.

“The idea is we will encourage as many people to take this up as possible,” The UK’s Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, told Sky News on Sunday.

“It’s going to be a huge national effort.”

Britain's Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps
Britain’s Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps REUTERS

He said that individuals being “willing to come forward and be incredibly public-spirited” would help “defeating this as a nation.”

If effective, it could extend further � with plans to help force travelers entering the UK to also download the app to manage their movements, Shapps explained to the network.

The senior citizen government minister insisted that often the app was “completely confidential,” and individuals would not know the identification of the infected person that they had experienced contact with.

Still, he conceded there were being “issues around privacy and security.”

“There are people for whom location services on their mobile devices are turned off for particular safety reasons and keeping themselves safe,” he noted, along with some citizens also without having some sort of smartphone.


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