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Dem Plan Would Mail Ballots to Potentially 24M Ineligible Voters

Government Accountability Insititute (GAI) research director Eric Eggers, author of Fraud: How typically the Left Plans to Steal typically the Next Election, says the Democratsâ€? arrange for nationwide mail-in voting will send ballots to 24 thousand inaccurate and flawed voter signups.

In an exclusive meeting with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Tonight, Eggers said nationwide mail-in voting could well be wide open to fraud and abuse.


“The concern I have if we’re trying to mandate national mail-in elections — which by the way was part of the language that Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats inserted in the first version of the most recent stimulus package — would be that we have such massive problems with voter rolls in this country,” Eggers said. “So, now are we going to be mailing ballots to people that authentically don’t exist and or are ineligible voters?”

A 2012 study by Pew Research Center says there usually are 24 million ineligible or incorrect voter registrations on state arr¨ºter rolls. This means 1-in-8 arr¨ºter registrations are either not any longer good or invalid.

Eggers stated mail-in voting ensures voters related with those flawed voter signups would get the chance to vote inside 2020 presidential selection.

“If you have national mail-in ballots where the supervisor of elections are mailing ballots to everybody on the voter rolls and we know per Pew [Research] Center statistics that we’ve got at least 24 million flawed or inaccurate voter registrations in this country,” Eggers said. “That’s 24 million ballots that are potentially going to people with the wrong address or to people that are dead or to people that have double registered.”

Similarly, nationwide mail-in voting will almost certainly be tied to federal legalization of ballot farming, where political operatives are allowed to collect and deliver an unlimited number of absentee ballots through voters.

“You’ve got these paid political machines whose job it is to manipulate or to capitalize on those errors … the other problem I’d have is another part that was mandated in the Democrat-version of the stimulus bill which would be the legalization of … national ballot harvesting,” Eggers stated.

“Democrats are so concerned about the necessity of social distancing but by legalizing ballot harvesting, you’re literally sending in many cases young potentially asymptomatic carriers of the [coronavirus] to the homes of these vulnerable populations including the elderly and the infirm who we all know are more susceptible to the virus,” Eggers continued.

As Breitbart News reported, typically the George Soros-funded Brennan Center intended for Justice at the New York University School of Law can be spearheading the nationwide mail-in voting initiative.

Today, there usually are nearly 250 counties across typically the United States with increased registered arr¨ºters on the voter rolls as compared to eligible citizen voters. There usually are also nearly three million people who are registered to vote in a lot more than one state. In Illinois, alone, close to 580 noncitizen voters were improperly registered to vote in the 2018 selection.

John Binder is a good reporter for Breitbart News. Follow your pet on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.  


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