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John Legend Falsely Claims U. S i9000. Has Highest Coronavirus Death Rate in the World

Pop star John Legend has falsely claimed in an interview with GQ which will the United States has the highest coronavirus death rate in the world, when in reality several European countries exceed the U. S. in terms connected with deaths per 100, 000 persons.

GQ hasn’t corrected Legend’s erroneous assertion or offered virtually any clarification in the article. The pop star also lashed away at President Donald Trump in the interview, calling his controlling of the global pandemic “so ridiculously dumb and so ridiculously selfish and narcissistic at the same time.”

John Legend made his comments in a discussion with GQ Hype â€? the digital weekly from British GQ magazine â€? to showcase his upcoming album Bigger Love. When mentioned the White House’s plan of action to deal with the pandemic, Legend lashed away repeatedly at the commander in chief.

“He’s the exact opposite of what we need right now. It couldn’t be a worse person to be in charge right now than him and that’s what America is stuck with,” Legend explained. “And that’s why we have the highest death rate in the world from this disease.”

In fact, the You. S. doesn’t have the top COVID-19 death rate in the world. In terms of dying, death per 100, 000 people, the U. S. ranks seventh, right behind such countries as Belgium, Spain, Italy, and France, based on Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

The center also found that the U. S. ranks ninth in the world in terms connected with the number of COVID-19 dying, death per 100 confirmed cases. The statistics don’t take into bill coronavirus deaths in China, in whose official figures are widely alleged of being fake.

GQ, which is owned by Conde Nast, didn’t respond to some sort of request asking why the journalist still did not correct Legend or so why editors didn’t offer any filtration.

In the interview, Legend also claimed that President Trump “doesn’t listen to scientists and makes every decision on how it will benefit him personally.” But Dr. Anthony Fauci said last month that the president heard his advice if he recommended that mitigation hard work be taken to stop the spread of the virus.

“The first and only time that I went in and said we should do mitigation strongly, the response was, ‘yes, we’ll do it,’” said  Fauci,  director connected with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, during some sort of White House briefing in April.

John Legend, who recommended Elizabeth Warren’s failed bid regarding the White House, told GQ that they thinks President Trump’s measures will prolong the pandemic.

“I don’t believe we’re going to be out of the woods for a while, because of his incompetence, his selfishness, his short-sightedness and his inability to coordinate a real national response.”

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