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More lucky winners named in Nano Hearing Aids giveaway contest

Readers: As I actually mentioned a few weeks again, Nano Hearing Aids � nanohearingaids. com � was giving apart 24 pairs of hearing products through this column.

The company is in the calling the people it picked because of this giveaway based on their require and the inability to pay regarding hearing aids on their unique. Here are the seventh in addition to eighth lucky winners:

Winner 7

Nano: I am certainly not sure if this is genuine not really.

But for our husband and our family, the idea would be a life savings! We have been married regarding over 20 years, and this individual has been a sheriff’s mouthpiece for 16 of those several years. I finally made him have a hearing test around Christmastime last year, and he possesses significant hearing loss.

I can’t find the $5, 500 for assistive hearing aids, and can’t find the money for to take out credit, both. It breaks my heart which will I can’t help him discover better after all he really does in my opinion, my son, our young families and total strangers, too.

Hearing aids are not included or discounted in any technique under his health care insurance. I merely want him to be capable to hear, especially at do the job, to be safe at often the job more than likely induced the tinnitus.

Please continue to keep him in mind for often the hearing aid giveaway.

Thank you. R. D.

Winner 8

Nano: I recently found an article in The New York Post digital edition regarding this giveaway. I know this kind of is a long shot, yet figured I would try both way.

I am some sort of 45-year-old US Navy veteran who else suffers from mild hearing damage and tinnitus. After working in engine/reactor rooms onboard two Navy ships, my hearing will not be exactly what it used to be.

I’ve heard a number connected with great things about your business, and sooo want to be a dependable owner of your assistive hearing aids. I actually hope you will consider us for the pair of your fantastic product.

Thank you regarding your consideration. E. H.


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