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Philadelphia woman busted for allegedly spitting on shopper

A woman was busted for allegedly spitting on a fellow shopper throughout a squabble over social distancing with a high-end Italian market in Philadelphia, according to a new statement.

Shopper Alexis Danilo informed KYW-TV that she was searching at Di Bruno Bros. throughout Center City Sunday when Jacqueline McBride, 27, got a minor too close to her.

“I backed away from her,” Danilo told the wall socket. “I guess that upset her. She just said, b—h, I don’t have the disease.”

“[She] bumped into me, and I said something along the lines of ‘That’s rude, there is a pandemic going on,’” Danilo added. “And then she just responded, ‘I’ll fight you right now,’ and took off her mask and spit on my face.”

Luckily, Danilo was wearing a good mask and gloves at this time, and staff within the market place helped her wash her experience to “get the spit off” right away, the lady said.

Police say McBride also spat on a guy employee during an argument in the same shop a day time earlier, the outlet reported.

She was arrested and incurred with simple assault, terroristic hazards and harassment, police confirmed Thursday night, according to the statement.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called the incident “unconscionable and criminal” Thursday afternoon.

“We hope the police find her and get her someplace she can’t spit on anybody,” Kenney stated. “I think people start losing their minds a little bit and it’s understandable, but that’s an assault. It’s aggravated assault to knowingly do that to make people ill, intentionally.”

Meanwhile, Danilo said the lady is self-quarantined as a care and is doing well for now.

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