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US approves antigen test for diagnosis of COVID-19, results will come in minutes

Amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the antigen test for the first time. For the first time it has been authorized to detect and treat COVID-19 infection using antigen-test. The FDA said in its statement released on Saturday that the corona virus antigen would be a new type of test. This will make Corona’s screening process easier and it will also be effective in the treatment. 

This will prove to be a boon in the coronavirus investigation. Until now the corona virus had to go through a long and complicated process of investigation. It used to take many days to get results. But the antigen test has made the whole process easier. One of its major lacquer is that it speeds up testing very fast. In patients, the corona can provide test results in minutes. While this will benefit in the calculation of corona infections, on the other hand, the patient can be stopped within minutes by spreading the corona.  

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