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We Are Headed to Great Depression, Democrats Fully on Board

A obviously astonished Rush Limbaugh warned their listeners Thursday that America will be headed for another Great Depression in the event the economy contracts any even more due to shutdowns in reply to the coronavirus crisis.

“All we need is a 30 to 40% contraction in this economy,” the conservative radio web host asserted. “We’ll hit Great Recession territory first and then depression, if this doesn’t stop — and the idea that there are people advocating for this!”

Limbaugh stressed Americans will need to know this path to depression could go into reversal right away, but that “there are forces arrayed against doing that”:

We know that they are. We know precisely. We know they’re all Democrats. We know they are a few in the into the medical neighborhood.

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The Drive-By Media, the media, and often the Democrats are fully on plank with the Democrat agenda below � They are hoping which will coronavirus accomplishes what Robert Mueller and impeachment, Adam Schiff was unable to do.

Limbaugh, who had been awarded the Presidential Medal connected with Freedom by President Donald Trump during the State of often the Union address in February, informed his audience Americans are “doing this to ourselves – and it’s amazing how quickly!”

He said:

Three yrs to revive an economy, produce roaring circumstances. It took a lesser amount of than two months to get rid of it all out. Twenty-two mil people filing for unemployment payment � 22 million � plus the idea that there is certainly not an angry outcry from just about all over the world that this particular must stop?

That outcry had better happen, because thisâ€? We’re beyond now saying this particular is unsustainable. This is untenable! This is cataclysmic! We’re around the midst of a self-created disaster we could fix (snap, snap, snap) at the click of our fingers.

“How in the world can anybody sane want to keep this economy shut down?” the radio host asked, consistently pointing out how the overall concept of what has occured in America over the prior 8 weeks is nothing less when compared with astonishing:

How can any person sane be anything less when compared with scared and outraged and shocked that 22 million people currently have been thrown out of do the job over something that may stop up killing less than 50, 000 people? It is unprecedented! And yet there are those who need to maintain the circumstances we live in. And it boggles your head.

“It is so counterintuitive to Americanism,” Limbaugh continued. “We cannot go on! … I can’t believe it has gone on this long! I can’t believe… In one way, I can’t believe the American people haven’t arisen in outrage over this yet.”


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