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Why Julian Assange Is a Crucial Historical Figure — New York Magazine


Photo: Andrew Parson/I-Images/ZumaPress/Newscom

Until very just lately, there have been solely a hand­ful of individuals on the planet with a exact sense of how a lot curiosity the world’s intelligence companies have in them. Some schizophrenics have been con­vinced somebody was all the time monitoring them, however they had been incorrect. Most of the remainder of us have assumed that we didn’t matter to spies in any respect, however after the Edward Snowden dis­closures, that appears incorrect, too: Each of us, evidently, is of a very tiny little bit of curiosity to spy companies.

In 2010, as he was publishing Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning’s revelations of the crimes of the American navy and the interior workings of the U.S. diplomatic corps, Julian Assange was the uncommon particular person with a good concept about who was watching him, and the way intently.



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