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Why Race Has Been the Real Story of Obama’s Presidency All Along — New York Magazine


Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

A couple of weeks in the past, the liberal comic Bill Maher and conservative strategist and pundit Bill Kristol had a short spat on Maher’s HBO present, putatively over what instigated the tea social gathering however finally over the psychic wound that has divided purple America and blue America in the Obama years. The rise of the tea social gathering, defined Maher in a let’s-get-real second, closing his eyes for a second the means one does when saying one thing all people is aware of however no person needs to say, “was about a black president.” Both Maher and Kristol carry themselves with a weary cynicism that enables them to jovially spar with ideological rivals, however all of a sudden they each grew earnest and offended. Kristol interjected, shouting, “That’s bullshit! That is total bullshit!” After momentarily sputtering, Kristol recovered his calm, however his uncommon indignation remained, and there was no hint of the smirk he often wears to distance himself barely from his speaking factors. He virtually pleaded to Maher, “Even you don’t believe that!”

“I totally believe that,” Maher responded, which is little doubt true, as a result of each Obama supporter believes deep down, or generally proper on the floor, that the livid opposition marshaled in opposition to the first black president is a response to his race. Likewise, each Obama opponent believes with equal fervor that this isn’t solely false however a smear concocted willfully to silence them.



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